Unmanned vehicle technology researches for outdoor environmets

Ju Jang Lee*

Engineering approaches to Age-related Diseases

Taeyong Lee*


Session M3A

Cancer nanotechnology

Session M3B

Mechanics coupled with biomimetics Ӏ

The investigation to obtain relationships between hematocrit and flow

patterns on Lab-on-a-Chip

Kannika Wongpanit*, Arttapol Kanapol, Wanida Puttasawong,
Anchasa Pramuanjaroenkij and Sadık Kakaç

The effects of multisensory exercise on foot pressure sensitivity, balance for the elderly

Ji-Eun Kang*, Kyung-Ock Yi, Teoh-Jee Chin and Tae-yong Lee

Biomechanical analysis of marathon training shoes applied to NESTFIT technology

Seung-Bum Park*, Kyung-Deuk Lee, Dae-Woong Kim,
Jung-Hyeon Yoo, Kyung-Hun Kim and Jin-Hoon Kim

The effects of foot and shoe type on gait biomechanics

Kyoung-Ock Yi* and Hye-Lim Kim

The Effects of Corrective Hip Joint Exercises and Foot Orthotics on RCSP,

Ankle Dorsi/Plantar Flexion, Pelvic Motion, Core Muscle Strength,

and Foot Pressurefor Middle School Students with PesPlanus

Nam Hee Kim* and Kyung Ock Yi*

Session M3C

Biologically-inspired robots & telerobotics

TeleBot: design concept of telepresence robot for law enforcement

Mangai Prabakar* and Jong-Hoon Kim

A smart multi telepresence robot management system

Nagarajan Prabakar*, Cynthia Tope and Jong-Hoon Kim

Session M3D

Energy and power production

Performance model development for 300 MW mae moh Coal-Fired power plant

Thitiporn Supasri*, Natanee Vorayos and Piriya Thongchiew

Influence of vortex generator on flow behavior of air stream

Chakkapong Supasri*, Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat and Atipoang Nuntaphan

The exergy loss distribution in subcritical organic rankine cycle

Chao He, Chao Liu*, Xiao-Xiao Xu, Hong Gao and Hui Xie

Cost estimation for reactive power compensation in distribution

power system by using D-STATCOM

Kittaya Somsai* and Thanatchai Kulworawanichpong

The FDTD method for lightning surge propagation in 115-kV power

transmission systems of PEA’s Thailand

Kokiat Aodsup* and Thanatchai Kulworawanichpong

Session M4A

Nanoptics/ nano tubes & nano medicine

Sphygmic stress diagnosis in arterial blood vessels

by electromagnetic radiation scattering

Fabrizio Frezza, Fabio Mangini*, Marco Muzi, Carlo Santini,
Endri Stoja and Nicola Tedeschi

Inhibition of Leishmania major growth by Ultraviolet radiation B with

Silver nanoparticles in an animal model

Sazgarnia Ameneh*, Mayelifar Khadije, Taheri Ahmad-Reza and Rajabi Omid

Session M4B

Medical mechanics

Snake-like Kinematics for Minimally Invasive Surgery Using Selective Laser Sintering

G. Horst*, M. Horper, N. Kohn, A. Fiolka, H. Feussner and H. Ulbrich

Design and Development of Flexible Surgical Instrument

for Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery

Jung-Wook Suh, Ju-Won Jeong, Dong-soo Kwon and Jung-Ju Lee

Simplified representation of 3D angular position

with least singularity for an anatomical movement

Yong-San Yoon*

An Innovative Approach for Assessing Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

through the Use of a Stewart Platform and Stereo Vision Technology

X. Zheng*, S.K. Ong and A.Y.C. Nee

Session M4C

Medical & humanoid robots

Online Trajectory Replanning for Biped Robots Based on Foot Step Position Modification

Alexander Ewald* and Thomas Buschmann

A hybrid robot for robot-assisted orthopaedic surgery

S.J. Yan*, S.K. Ong and A.Y.C. Nee

Humanoid Robots Communication with Children Using Sign Language

*Neziha Akalin and Hatice Kose

Session M4D

Energy and environment issues

Cat Landing on Rigid and Flexible Surfaces: Semi-Flat Multi Impact

Modeling and Path Planning in Presence of Constraints

Ali Meghdari* and S.M.Hadi Sadati

Path planning for robotic manipulators using a new hybrid neuro-fuzzy technique

Rodolfo Ponce*, Emmanuel Alejandro Merchán and Luis Héctor Hernández

Effect of reaction steps and disolved nitrogen on the oxy-combustion

and emission characteristics inside an industrial water tube boiler

Rached Ben-Mansour*, Mohamed A. Habib, Mohamed Rajhi,
Medhat A. Nemitallah and Kabir A. Suara

Influence of discharge characteristics on methane decomposition

in dielectric barrier discharge reactor

Sungkwon Jo*, Dae Hoon Lee, Woo Seok Kang and Young-Hoon Song

Treatment of high boron concentration wastewater

by chemical oxo-precipitation (COP) at room temperature

Yu-Jen Shih, Chia-Hsun Liu, Wei-Cheng Lan and Yao-Hui Huang*

Investigations of the measured solar radiation, relative humidity

and atmospheric temperature and their relations at Dhofar University

Aref Wazwaz*, Hisham AlHabshi and Yousef Gharbia

An Analysis on Waste Processing in Residential Sector due to LCA Concept

Rucita Cahyawati Putri*, Kiyoshi Dowaki and Gatot Yudoko

Energy, emission and economic impact of palm, jatropha curcas

and calophyllum inophyllum biodiesel as biofuel for road transport

H.C. Ong*, A.S. Silitonga, T.M.I. Mahlia, H.H. Masjuki and W.T. Chong

Session M5A

Nanomaterials for electronic / bio-medical applications

Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO Nanoparticles

Robina Ashraf*, Saira Riaz, Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rehman and Shahzad Naseem

Synthesis and characterization of SnO2 Nanoparticles for PV Applications

Saira Riaz, Adeela Nairan* and Shahzad Naseem

Synthesis and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles for cancer therapy

Shahid Atiq*, Muhammad Zaka Ansar, Saira Riaz and Shahzad Naseem

Synthesis and Characterization of ZrO2 - ZnO Nanoparticles

Mahwish Bashir*, Robina Ashraf, Muhammad Imtiaz, Saira Riaz and Shahzad Naseem

Synthesis and Characterization of Sol-gel Deposited

Aluminum Oxide at Low Temperatures

Farzana Majid*, Saira Riaz, Talha Ijaz, Muhammad Farooq and Shahzad Naseem

Optical and Structural Properties of Electrodeposited

Aluminum Oxide at Low Temperatures

Muhammad Imran, Farzana Majid*, Saira Riaz and Shahzad Naseem

Magnetic and Structural Properties of Co doped ZnO Nanoparticles

Robina Ashraf*, Saira Riaz, Mahwish Bashir, and Shahzad Naseem

Synthesis and Characterization of TiO2 Nanoparticles

Saira Riaz, Aseya Akbar*, Muhammad Imran, and Shahzad Naseem

Session M5B


Numerical Study of the Electromagnetic Scattering by a Biological Cell Nucleus

during the Different Major Phases of Mitosis

Fabrizio Frezza, Fabio Mangini*, Endri Stoja and Nicola Tedeschi

Tumoral acidic pH-responsive drug delivery system

based on a novel photosensitizer-fullerene for chemo-photodynamic therapy

Zhenzhong Zhang*, Jinjin Shi, Yan Liu and Lei Wang

Effect of Chitosan and Nanoparticles on Cancer Cells Treated

with Therapeutic Drugs: Comparison of Cell Survival

Solomon W. Leung*, Wenjuan Gao, Tae Hwan Park and James C.K. Lai

Session M5C

Automation, space and unmanned air robots / underwater robots


José Augusto Lima Barreiros, Jorge Roberto Brito de Souza
and Gilson Fernandes Braga Junior*

PI Servo with State-D Feedback for DC Motor Control with Consideration of Thermal Effect

Surachai Wongfookeat* and Thanatchai Kulworawanichpong

Rapid and precise control of a micro-manipulation stage combining H∞ with ILC algorithm

Jie Ling* and Xiaohui Xiao

A simple controller for the nonlinear model of quadrotor helicopters and

its application to vision-based landing

Ilan Zohar*, Amit Ailon and Hugo Guterman

Non-linear Controllers for Non-linear Model of Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Boris Braginsky*, Ilan Zohar and Hugo Guterman

Session M5D

Alternative energy

Opportunity for Cogeneration in Nuclear Power Plants

I. Khamis*, T. Koshy and K.C. Kavvadias

Investigation of passive air cooling capacity for spent fuel pool

Po-Chih Tsao, Kai-Ting Hsieh, Duen-Sheng Lee,
Chang Nyung Kim, Yung-Shin Tseng and Tzu-Chen Hung*

Biohydrogen production from engineered microalgae Chlamydomonas reinhardtti

Ayse Kose* and Suphi S. Oncel

Metal oxide based Natural Dye-sensitized solar cell

Mridula Tripathi* and Ruby Upadhyay

Session T3A

Nano electronics

In-situ TEM observation on Cu/MoOx resistive switching RAM

Masaki Kudo*, Yuuki Ohno, Kouichi Hamada, Masashi Arita and Yasuo Takahashi

Double quantum dot Si single-electron transistor with

multiple gate electrodes fabricated by PADOX

Takafumi Uchida*, Masashi Arita, Akira Fujiwara and Yasuo Takahashi

Temperature effect on potential barrier of graphene nanoribbon based

schottky barrier transistor

Wong King Kiat, Razali Ismail* and M. Taghi Ahmadi

Dislocations as native nanostructures – electronic properties

Manfred Reiche* and Martin Kittler

Session T3B

Nano physics

Magnetic anisotropy of nickel nano-coatings deposited by cathodic voltammetry

Jean Ebothé* and Lény Nzogue-Mendome

FRET and NON-FRET interactions in complexes of water-soluble

quantum dots and chlorin e6 molecules in different environments

Irina Martynenko*, Anna Orlova, Vladimir Maslov,
Alexander Baranov and Mikhail Artemyev

Session T3C

Conventional energy, energy policy and energy system

Forced power oscillation caused by prime mover power disturbance

Youbin Song, Yutian Liu and Hua Ye*

Heat transfer improvement of metallic foam catalyst for Steam-CO2 reforming reaction

Daeil Park*, Dong ju Moon and Taegyu Kim

Impact of electric bus charging in power distribution systems

Banyat Boribun*, Padej Paolaor and Thanatchai Kulworawanichpong

CO2 emission abatement analysis of waste wood to hydrogen using gasification process

Hendrawan* and Kiyoshi Dowaki

On the Use of Rotating Leading Edge Devices in Wind Turbine Blades

for Increased Power Production and Vibration Reduction

Lakshmi Sankar*, Yung H. Yu and Ritu Marpu

Session T3D

Electrochemical energy storage

Direct glycerol alkaline fuel cell fabricated using Au/C and

microporous membrane

Sarayut Yongprapat*, Apichai Therdthianwong and Supaporn Therdthianwong

Preparation and characterization of carbon composite plates

as an electrode for alkaline fuel cell

Jae-Ho Kim*, Xi Yang, Susumu Yonezawa and Masayuki Takashima

Parameter Identification for State of Discharge Estimation of Li-ion Batteries

Suchart Punpaisarn* and Thanatchai Kulworawanichpong

Preparation of Ag-Nanoparticle-Loaded MnO2 nanosheets and their capacitance behavior

Gaini Zhang, Lu Zheng, Miao Zhang, Shaohua Guo,
Zong-Huai Liu*, Zupei Yang and Zenglin Wang

Session T4A

Nano material

In-situ TEM observation of gold nanogaps by electromigration

Yosuke Murakami*, Hayato Ochi, Masashi Arita,
Kouichi Hamada, Yasuo Takahashi and Seiji Takeda

Investigation of fluorescence energy transfer

in complexes quantum dots/azo dyes intrackmembranes

Yulia A. Gromova*, Anna O. Orlova, Vladimir G. Maslov and Alexander V. Baranov

Anisotropic absorption of the nanostructured material of

CdSe/ZnS quantum rods embedded in polymer film

Maria V. Mukhina*, Vladimir G. Maslov, Alexander V. Baranov,
Mikhail V. Artemyev and Anatoly V. Fedorov

Properties and synthesis of CuZnO films prepared by ultrasonic spraying

Lung-Chien Chen, Wan-Wei Wang and Xiu-Yu Zhang*

Session T4B

Advanced materials for PV

Synthesis and Characterization of CdS and CdTe Inks for Solar Cells

Saira Riaz*, Anam Butt and Shahzad Naseem

Synthesis and Characterization of CIGS Ink for Solar Cells

Saira Riaz*, Afifa Sadaqaat and Shahzad Naseem

Structural and Optical properties of CIAGS thin films

Saira Riaz*, Shafaq Batool and Shahzad Naseem

Structural and Electrical properties of CIAGS thin films

Anam Azam, Usman Khan* and Shahzad Naseem

Session T4C

Hydrogen energy and fuel cells & chemical hydrogen storage

A Development of Multi-Cell Simulation Model of

PEM Fuel Cells Considering Temperature and Two-Phase Effects

Jinwon Yun*, Jaeyoung Han and Sangseok Yu

Effect of trivalent and tetravalent co- doping on

phase stability and ionic conductivity of scandia stabilized zirconia

Shyam Kumar*(India) and Ranjit Bauri

Catalytic dehydrogenation of hydrazine borane in aqueous solution

Jean-Fabien Petit*, Çetin Çakanyıldırım, Umit B. Demirci and Philippe Miele

Ammonia borane in chemical hydrogen storage:

Ammonia release during hydrolysis of ammonia borane, an issue

Umit Bilge Demirci*

Session T4D

Electrochemical energy storage and energy related topics

An Integrated AHP – Delphi Group Decision Approach Applied to

Weighting Engine Performance and Emission Parameters

Chedthawut Poompipatpong* and Athakorn Kengpol

A survey study of electricity consumption performance of Hong Kong office tenants

William Chung*

Compact chemical hydride fuel cell system for portable power generation devices

Taegyu Kim*

Performance improvement of PEMFC using Overcurrent Generator for internal humidification

Jincheol Kim* and Taegyu Kim

Theoretical mathematical modeling and computer simulation of

direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC)

Abdulkareem A.S.*, Jimoh, A., Afolabi A.S., Muzenda E. and Oyesegun O.R.

Session T5A

Nano materials, nano composites & nano machines/devices

Preparation of Ultradispersed NiO and MoO3 by Using of

Low Molecular Weight Sol Stabilizers

E.A. Trusova* and K.V. Kotsareva

High resolution method for measuring local quantum yield of photoluminescence

and phototransformation using confocal scanning microscope

Viktor Zakharov* and Andrei Veniaminov

Application of plasma-treated natural zeolite nanorods

for heterogeneous Fenton-like degradation of an azo dye

A.R. Khataee*, S. Bozong, S. Khorram, M. Fathinia, Younes Hanifehpour and S.W. Joo

Hydrothermal synthesis of PrxCd1-xSe nanoparticles:

Investigating the enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light

A.R. Khataee*, S. Bozong, S. Khorram, M. Fathinia, Younes Hanifehpour and S.W. Joo

Nano-silver embered nanofibrous face-mask for infection control

Affaf Khamis Aloufy* and Magdi El-Messiry

Sonochemical syntheses of nano lead(II) coordination polymer;

precursor for preparation of lead(II) oxide/iodide nano-structures

Ali Morsali* and Vahid Safarifard

Influence of scale and anisotropy on self-positioning of multi-layer nanostructures

Gennadiy Nikishkov* and Yohei Nishidate

Nanofluid Viscosity: An Emerging Research Field

Almila Guvenc Yazicioglu* and Elif Begum Elcioglu

Session T5B

Siginificance of Iron Oxide nano

Effect of Iron Doping on Structural, Optical and Magnetic Properties of

TiO2 thin films by Sol-gel Technique

Aseya Akbar, Saira Riaz* and Shahzad Naseem

Effect of Magnesium doping on Structural and Magnetic Properties of

Iron oxide thin films

Aseya Akbar, Beenish Maria, Saira Riaz* and Shahzad Naseem

Effect of Al doping on the Structural and Magnetic Properties of Iron Oxide Thin Films

Saira Riaz*, Aseya Akbar, Shiza Zafar and Shahzad Naseem

Electrical properties of iron oxide nanoparticles coated Carbon Nanotubes

Muhammad Azam*, Aseya Akbar and Shahzad Naseem

Magnetic and Structural Properties of Calcium doped BiFeO3 Thin Films

Aseya Akbar*, Saira Riaz and Shahzad Naseem

Magnetic and Structural properties of La doped BiFeO3 thin films

Aseya Akbar, Saira Riaz, Shahid Atiq* and Shahzad Naseem

Session T5C

Renewable energy

The Industrial Biomass Combustor Design for Producing Heat in

Dried Tuna Fish Production of Halla Food Factory

Sarayooth Vaivudh* and Una Tontakulchanchai

A Comparative Study of Anti-islanding Control Techniques

for Grid-connected Photovoltaic Systems

Wei Yee Teoh* and Chee Wei Tan

Greener diesel fuels developed from water macro emulsions:

stability and spray property

Sheng-Lun Lin*, Yu-Cheng Chang and Ting-Yu Guo

An Innovative Building Integrated Wind Turbine System

Jeongsu Park*, Hyung-Jo Jung and Seung-Woo Lee

Economic Analysis of Biomass Torrefaction Plants Integrated with

Corn Ethanol Plants and Coal-Fired Power Plants

Douglas G. Tiffany*, Won Fy Lee, Vance Morey and Nalladurai Kaliyan

Recent Data (2013) of the experimental model house

for zero energy demand and zero emissions (Zed-Kim)

Panos Kosmopoulos* and Charalampos Kalapodas

Experimental study on performance and emissions of

Sterculia foetida biodiesel in diesel engine

A.S. Silitonga*, H.C.Ong, T.M.I. Mahlia, H.H. Masjuki and W.T.Chong

Session T5D

Energy efficiency and conservation

Multi-agent Energy-Saving Design for the Micro-grid Demonstration Project

I-Hsin Chou*

Feasibility of Zero Energy Buildings

Jong-Jin Kim* and Jessica Gerow

Numerical Simulations and energy analysis of heat pumps usage in

pre manufactured homes

Tarek Abdel-Salam, Nehad Elsawaf and Hussein Abaza*

Chimney Effect on the Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of

Finned Heat Sink for LED lamp

Sheng-Chung Tzeng*, Tzer-Ming Jeng, Po-Tsun Chen, Wei-Ting Hsu and Po Chou

Flexible DBD plasma actuator for energy saving application

Changwook Lee* and Taegyu Kim

Investigation on the effect of diffuser and guide-vanes on

an exhaust air energy recovery turbine for energy conservation

Sook Yee Yip*, Wen Tong Chong, Ahmad Fazlizan, Sin Chew Poh and Wooi Ping Hew

Characterisation of Luminescent Down-Shifting Materials for

the Enhancement of Solar Cell Efficiency

H. Ahmed*, M. Kennedy, J. Doran and S.J. McCormack

The effect of ZnO coatings on the performance of WO3 dye-sensitized solar cells

Hsuan-Ching Lin*, Chaochin Su and Wen-Ren Li

Investigation on the influencing parameters of

methane catalytic ignition temperature in a Micro –Channel

Jing-yu Ran*, De-xiang Yang and Sheng Wu

Session M3B

Mechanics coupled with biomimetics ӀӀ

The Relationship between Foot Type, Postural Variables, Grip

Strength, and Health History in the Elderly

Kyungock Yi, Namhee Kim, and Okja Kim

Biomechanical Gait Analysis According to Foot Type and Arm Swing

Kyung Ock Yi