Updated: August 20, 2014

Organized by:
Int'l Association of Structural Eng. & Mechanics (IASEM)
Korea Advanced Inst. of Science & Technology (KAIST)

In association with Techno-Press Journals

Sponsored by:
Korea Federation of Science and Technology Societies
Korea Tourism Organization
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   After the great success of "The 2012 World Congress on Advances in Civil, Environmental, and Materials Research (ACEM12)" held in Seoul, Korea in 2012, the second World Congress (ACEM14) has been organized by combining eight International Conferences to be held in Busan, Korea in 2014. 

The Congress aims at providing the first step fusion approach to solve the global problems of infrastructure, new materials, and environmental issues. Each conference of the Congress will be independently organized within ACEM14 in cooperation with other neighboring conferences. Thus the Congress will be a premier international forum that bring together academics and practicing engineers to exchange the frontier research results in the allied technologies under the topics of infrastructure, environmental, and materials research. 

Also, the Congress will be held in association with Techno-Press Journals of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Materials Science, providing excellent publishing opportunities for the participants.


    Eight International Conferences are organized within ACEM14. For more details, please link the conference of your interest:

The 2014 Int’l Conference on Advances in Wind and Structures (AWAS14)

   Co-chairs: John Holmes (Australia), C.K.Choi (Korea)

The 2014 Int’l Conference on Geomechanics and Engineering (ICGE14)
Co-chairs: Poul V. Lade (USA), Gopal Madabhushi (UK),
Jong-Ho Shin (Korea)

The 2014 Int’l Conference on Advances in Coupled Systems Mechanics (ACSM14)

   Co-chairs: Phill-Seung Lee (Korea), Adnan Ibrahimbegovic (France)

The 2014 Int’l Conference on Advances in Membrane Water Treatment (AMWT14)

   Co-chairs: Enrico Drioli (Italy), Ruey-Shin Juang (Taiwan)

The 2014 Int’l Conference on Advanced Environmental Science and Technology (AEST14)
Co-chairs: James J. Schauer (USA), Woo-Jin Lee (Korea)

The 2014 Int’l Conference on Advances in Materials Research (ICAM14) Co-chairs: O-Ok Park (Korea), Philippe Miele (France)

The 2014 Int’l Conference on Advances in Concrete Construction (ICAC14)

   Co-chairs: Jin-Keun Kim (Korea), Paulo Monteiro (USA)

The 2014 Int’l Conference on Advances in Structural Monitoring and Maintenance (ASMM14)

  Co-chairs: Hong-Nan Li (China), Jeong-Tae Kim (Korea), Ting-Hua Yi (China)

    The conference will be held during 24-28 August, 2014.  Other important dates are:

April 30, 2014

Submission of abstracts

June 20, 2014

Submission of proceeding papers

June 30, 2014

Last day for pre-registration

August 24-28, 2014


   The Congress will focus on the “Frontier Fusion Technologies in Civil, Environmental, and Materials Research”. The major topics covered by each conference(but not limited to) are:

AWAS14 (The 2014 Int'l Conference on  Advances in Wind and Structures)
Co-chairs: John Holmes (Australia), C.K. Choi (Korea)

Aerodynamic Models
Bluff Body Aerodynamics
Bridge Aero Dynammics
CFD for Wind Engineering
Computational Wind Engineering
Field Measurements
Flutter Application
Flutter of Structure
Galloping Instability
Human Comfort Issues
Static & Dynamic Behaviors of Structures     under Wind Load

Technologies for Offshore Wind Turbines
Wind Damage Assessment
Wind Effects on Long Span Structures &   Cables
Wind Effects on Tall Buildings/ Structures
Wind Energy
Wind Load Distributions
Wind Loads on Structural Systems
Wind Tunnel Modeling & Test
Wind-Structure Interactions
Other Wind-Structure Related Topics

(The 2014 Int'l Conference on  Geomechanics and Engineering)
Co-chairs: Poul V. Lade (USA), Gopal Madabhushi (UK), Jong-Ho Shin (Korea)

Computational Geomechanics
Cross-anisotropic Sand Deposits
Energy Geotechnology
Geomaterials for Transport and Energy         Infrastructures
Geomechanics and Gas Hydrates
Geo-Mechanics from Micro to Macro
Geometry-Property Relation in
Geotechnical Reliability and Risk                Assessment
Geothermal Energy
GeoMechanics and Application
Laboratory Testing
Offshore Geotechnics

Physical Modeling
Pile Foundations
Seismic Behaviour of Pile Foundations
Seismic Geotechnics
Site Characterization
Slope Stability
Soil Improvement
Solids-Foundation Engineering
Soil-structure Interactions
Tunneling & Underground Spaces
  Unsaturated Soils
X-ray CT Application in Geotechnical           Engineering

(The 2014 Int'l Conference on  Advances in Coupled Systems Mechanics)
Co-chairs: Phill-Seung Lee (Korea), Adnan Ibrahimbegovic (France)

▪ Coupled Systems Dynamics
▪ Multi-Body
Systems Dynamics
▪ Soil-Foundation-Pile-Structures Interaction
▪ Soil-Structure Interaction
▪ Train-Rail Interaction
▪ Vehicle-Bridge Interaction
▪ Thermo-Mechanical Coupling

▪ Dynamic Analysis of Structures under Blast/ Impact Loading
▪ Fluid-Structures Interaction
▪ Flutter of Structure
▪ Multidisciplinary Interactions
▪ Wind-Structure Interaction
▪ Structure-Structure-Systems Interactions

AMWT14 (The 2014 Int'l Conference on  Advances in Membrane Water Treatment)
Co-chairs: Enrico Drioli (Italy), Ruey-Shin Juang (Taiwan)

▪ Desalination
▪ Fouling
▪ Integrated Water Technology
▪ Membrane Bioreactors
▪ Membrane waste Water Treatment
▪ Membrane Water Treatment 

▪ Scaling
▪ Surface Characteristics
▪ System Optimization
▪ Transport Phenomena
▪ Water Reuse

AEST14 (The 2014 Int'l Conference on  Advanced Environmental Science and Technology)
Co-chairs: James J. Schauer (USA), Woo-Jin Lee (Korea)

▪ Advanced Hazardous Substance Control  and Management
▪ Bio- and Environmental Geomechanics and   Engineering
▪ Clean River& Reservior
▪ Green and Sustainable Environmental         Management

▪ Green Infrastructure Paradigm
▪ Integrated SMART Groundwater Treatment
▪ Smart and Sustainable Environmental         Nano-Science and Technology
▪ Treatment and/or Bioproduct Recovery
▪ Water / Waste Water Treatment 

ICAM14 (The 2014 Int'l Conference on  Advances in Materials Research)
Co-Chairs: O-Ok Park (Korea), Philippe Miele (France)

▪ Ceramic Materials/ Ceramic Products
▪ Chemical Conversions of Materials
▪ Composite Materials
▪ Electronic Materials
▪ Iron Oxide - Material for Spintronic/         Medical Applications
▪ Laminates and Fabrics of Fibers
▪ Living Tissue Metals and Alloys
▪ Materials and Products Treatment
▪ Metal Powders
▪ Multidisciplinary Application of Materials

▪ Nanofibrous Materials for Energy Harvest and   Storage
▪ Nanomaterials for Photovoltaic Applications
▪ Nanotechnology for Materials Science
▪ Natural and Synthetic Polymers Polymers/       Polymeric Materials
▪ Organic Solar Cells
▪ Piezoelectric Materials
▪ Reinforced Plastics
▪ Removing Arsenic from Water
▪ Semi/Super-conducting Materials

ICAC14 (The 2014 Int'l Conference on  Advances in Concrete Construction)
Co-chairs: Jin-Keun Kim (Korea), Paulo Monteiro (USA)

▪ Innovative on Site and Precast Methods for   New Structures
▪ Maintenance, Repair and Strengthening of   Existing Structures
▪ Enhanced Robustness and Seismic               Performance

▪ Numerical Modeling and Risk Analysis
▪ Durability and Structural Health                 Monitoring
▪ Eco-efficient and Ultra-high Performance     Cementitious Materials

ASMM14 (The 2014 Int'l Conference on  Advances in Structural Monitoring and Maintenance)
Co-chairs: Hong-Nan Li (China), Jeong-Tae Kim (Korea), Ting-Hua Yi (China)

▪ Damage Detection Theory              
▪ Structural Identification and Diagnosis
▪ Structural Health Monitoring                     Technology   
▪ Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation
▪ SHM Application for Infrastructures       
▪ Retrofit Design Technology
▪ Environmental Loads and Effects         
▪ Structural Maintenance Technology
▪ Wireless/Remote Sensing Technology

▪ Structural Renewal and Rehabilitation
▪ Smart/Bio-inspired Sensing Technology    
▪ Seismic Protection Technology
▪ Distributed Sensor Network              
▪ Decision Analysis for Structural Assessment
▪ Optimal Sensor Position for SHM         
▪ Risk and Safety Management
▪ Spot/Periodic/Online Monitoring           
▪ Other Related Topics

       - Dr. John D Holmes (JDH Consulting, Austalia)
Wind loads on industrial and petrochemical structures - some case studies

       - Prof. Gopal Madabhushi (Univ. of Cambridge, UK)
Title: Offshore Wind Farm Foundations 

       - Prof. James J. Schauer (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Title: Evolution of the Transportation Sector and Urban Infrastructure Needed for Climate Change Mitigation

       - Prof. Enrico Drioli (Univ. of Calabria, Italy)
Advancement in new membrane operations for water treatment and water reuse

      - Prof. O-Ok Park (KAIST, Korea)
Shape- and Size-Controlled Synthesis of Noble Metal Nanoparticles: Propertise and Applications

       - Prof. Adnan Ibrahimbegovic (Ecole Normale Supérieure, France)
Title:  Multi-scale computations for nonlinear, coupled and interaction problems with operator split methods

       - Prof. Paulo Monteiro (UC Berkeley, USA)
                Title:  Two thousand years of concrete technology and challenges for the                       new millennium

       - Prof.  Hong-Nan Li (Dalian Univ. of Tech., China)
                Title:  Advances on Structural Vibration Control in Civil Engineering

   Those who have interests in the emerging technologies in a wide range of topics listed above are invited to submit one-full-page abstracts by 4/30. 

After acceptance of abstracts, options for submitting full papers are: 

1) Submit the 4~20 page proceeding papers (to be delivered in ACEM14 CD-ROM);
Refer to the papers published (or to be published) in one of Techno-Press journals or submitted manuscripts;
3) With prior permission, submit presentation materials that may substitute full papers (e.g. ppt slides). 

Both abstracts and proceeding papers should be submitted through the TeMUS (Techno-Press electronic Manuscript Upload System).

Detailed instructions to prepare the abstracts and proceeding papers will be available in the Guidelines for Abstract/Paper Submission: (http://acem.cti3.com/Instructions-to-Authors.doc)

    Those who are interested in organizing a mini sysmposium with 6~8 papers in the area of his/her expertise are advised to contact the secretariat for the ACEM14 Congress. For Guidelines for Session Organizers, the prospective mini symposium organizers should inquire with the congress Secretariat or visit:
Organized Minisymposia




MS Title


Aly M. Aly


Wind Impact on High-Rise Buildings: Load Characterization, Response Evaluation and Mitigation


Jin-Rae Cho


Core Technologies for Offshore Wind Turbines


Guoqing Huang


Measurement, Modeling and Analysis of Extreme Winds (including Thunderstorm downburst, Typhoon/Hurricane and other Gales)


John D Holmes


Wind loading of industrial structures

 MS521 CM Chan, Wenjuan Lou, Zhengliang Li and Mingfeng Huang 
 AWAS Probabilistic Assessments and Design for Wind-sensitive Large-scale Structures
 MS523 Yaojun Ge and Hiroshi Katsuchi
 AWAS Experimental Evaluation of Long-Span Bridge Aeroelasticity
 MS518 Shuyang Cao, HeeChang Lim and YongLe Li  AWAS Fundamental Building Aerodynamics
 MS528 Adnan Ibrahimbegovic  ACSM Interaction and coupled problem in  multi-physics and multi-scale applications


Mohamed Khayet


Advanced nanofibrous membranes for membrane distillation

Enrico Drioli  AMWT New Membrane Basic Operations for An Innovatitive Process Engineering for Water Treatment


Jianmin Chen


Atmospheric Chemistry related to air polluted region

MS530 Jun-Soo Park and Erika Houtz  AEST Advanced Approaches to Identifying and Measuring Poly and Perfluoroalkyl Substances


O Ok Park


Synthesis of metal nanoparticles and their applications

 MS524 Saira Riaz and Shahzad Naseem  ICAM Iron Oxide and its Allied Nanomaterials
 MS525 Saira Riaz and Shahzad Naseem  ICAM Nano-oxides For Optical Applications
 MS526 Saira Riaz and Shahzad Naseem  ICAM Semiconductor Formation through Chemical Routes
 MS527 Saira Riaz and Shahzad Naseem  ICAM Magnetic Nanostructures For Various Hi-Tech Applications
 MS522 Binsheng (Ben) Zhang  ICAC Latest Development of High Strength High Performance Concrete Materials and Structures


Hong-Nan Li and Ting-Hua Yi


Technology and Applications in SHM for Civil Infrastructures in China


Lin-Sheng Huo and Gang Li


Technology and Applications in Seismic Protection for Large-structures in China


Liang Ren and Dong-Sheng Li


Advanced Fiber Optic Sensing Technology in Civil Structural Health Monitoring


Yi-Qing Ni, Xiao-Wei Ye, Hong-Hu Zhu and Hua-peng Chen


Life-cycle Diagnosis and Prognosis of Civil Infrastructure

 MS512 Li-Min Sun and Ye Xia  ASMM  Structural Health Monitoring Based Intelligent Structures
 MS513 Yong-Feng Du, Jian-Ping Han and Xuan-Sheng Cheng

Monitoring and Maintenance of Isolated Structures

 MS514 Ying Lei, Ka-Veng Yuen, Hua-Peng Chen and  Jian Zhang  ASMM

Structural Identification, Model updating and Performance Assessment

 MS515 Qing-Bin Li and Peng Lin  ASMM

Advances in Monitoring and Cracking Risk Control of Large Dam

MS516 Jun Teng, Wei Lu, Chengyin Liu and Ying Xu
 ASMM Data Analysis, Condition Assessment and System Integration
MS517 Wei Zhang  ASMM Nanoteck in Functional ans Smart Textiles
MS531 SungWoo Shin  ASMM Monitoring and Maintenance of Civil Infrastructures
MS532 SooBong Shin  ASMM Intelligent Structural Health Monitoring Techniques

    The accepted abstracts of papers to be presented at the congress will be published in the Volume of Abstracts and the conference papers will be included in the Conference Proceedings CD-ROM [in case of option 2) of full paper submission, readers are referred to the article in the journal]. Only pre-registered papers (done by paying at least 50% of the registration fee) will be included in the proceedings.

    The Congress will be held in association with the Techno-Press Journals of Civil, Mechanical, and Environmental Engineering and Materials Science. Authors are encouraged to submit their Journal version papers (normally 14~20 pages) to the relevant Techno-Press journals before or after the Congress. For information about Techno-Press Journals: [www.techno-press.org].

    The journal version papers should be prepared in accordance with the [Instruction to Prepare Manuscript of Techno-Press Journals]. Submitted papers will undergo the Techno-Press peer review process and accepted papers will appear in the journal of your choice.

Associated Journals


    Those who are interested in organizing special issues for the Techno-Press journals are encouraged to contact the Congress Secretariat for more details. The submitted papers should be peer reviewed and accepted papers will be published in one of the Techno-Press Journals. Some successful mini symposium organizers will be invited to serve as a guest editor for the special issue of the journal of their choice.

        The pre- registration fee for the congress(by June 30,2014) is US $700 and  US $750 after that date. Only the papers of registered authors are guaranteed to be included in the congress proceedings. For on-site registration (US $800), pre-arrangement should be made.

   Registration Form  
          Pre-registration fee: US$700 
(by June 30, 2014)
          Late registration fee: US$750
On-site registration fee: US$800   

The fee will cover a copy of congress proceedings, admission to technical sessions, welcome reception, coffee services during session breaks, and congress banquet.

If the cancellation in writing (or by e-mail) is received by June 30, 2014 or the submitted paper is not accepted for presentation, the paid registration fee is fully refunded. After that date, a processing fee of US$100 will be deducted. No refunds will be given after July 30, 2014.

For the fully registered participants who are not able to attend the conference, a set of proceedings will be sent by surface mail.

    The 2014 ACEM14 Congress will take place at BEXCO (Busan Exhibition & Convention Center), Busan, Korea. As the world’s 3rd ‘most surprising convention centers of rapid growth’ in the past ten years (UIA, 2011), BEXCO boasts its world class facilities in harmony with outstanding natural environment. Located in Busan’s landmark district of “Centum City” and near the famous Haeundae beach, BEXCO provides the convenience of city, relaxation of nature, and tourist attractions all at once. At BEXCO, all your convention needs will be met with easy access to public transportation, hotels, shopping centers, cultural centers, restaurants and various tourist sites. 



       All participants are offered accommodation at Haeundae Centum Hotel, a deluxe residence hotel adjacent to BEXCO at our negotiated price. Not only it is only 2-mimute walk to the conference venue, it has easy access to public transportation (subway line2) and offers great shopping and sightseeing opportunities.  In case of full occupancy, we will offer a substitute hotel room at a similar price. (http://www.ecentumhotel.com/english/)
Main Hotel Room Type & Daily Rates
Remarks *
Centum Hotel

- Reservation Form
Deluxe Double/Twin
 - KRW 132,000 (Aug. 24-27)

 - KRW 176,000 (on or before Aug. 23)
 - Room rate is inclusive of tax
 - 1 breakfast: 22,000 won (Tax included)
Walk to BEXCO
(2 min)
Subway Line 2
(Centum City)

       For other options, our associated hotels in the nearby Haeeundae Beach area include:

Hotels Room Type & Daily Rates
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 Novotel Ambassador Busan

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Deluxe Half Ocean View - KRW 175,450
Deluxe Ocean View - KRW 199,650
Executive City - KRW 235,950
Executive Ocean - KRW 272,250
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 - 1 breakfast: KRW 24,200 
10 min by car
The Westin Chosun

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Deluxe Park - KRW 199,650
Deluxe Beach - KRW 239,580
Executive Park - KRW 292,820
Executive Beach - KRW 332,750
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 - 1 breakfast: KRW 39,000
 - Breakfast included for Executive      rooms
10 min by car
Park Hyatt Busan

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Park King - KRW 293,700
Park Deluxe  - KRW 326,700
Ocean View - KRW 381,700
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    Located on the southeast tip of the Korean Peninsula, Busan is the second largest(3.6 million population) and the biggest port city in Korea. Since the opening of Busan Port in 1876, it has grown as the 5th largest container port in the world, and has long served as the logistics center for the nation handling 75% of cargo in and out of Korea.

Busan is also a popular tourist destination for its natural beauty and various cultural events such as Busan International Film Festival and Busan Fireworks Festival. Furthermore, as the host city of 2002 Asian Games, 2002 FIFA World Cup Soccer Games, and 2005 APEC Summit Meeting, Busan has also emerged as an important city of convention in Asia.


To Busan

Via Seoul (Incheon Int'l Airport) to Busan

Those who are traveling a long distance from America or Europe may come via Incheon International Airport(IIA)-Seoul, which is one of the largest Airport hub in the world. Connecting flights from Incheon Int'l Airport(ICN) to Busan(Gimhae Int'l Airport) are offered 4 times a day in the early morning and in the late evening.

By Air (Gimhae Int'l Airport)

Busan’s Gimhae International Airport operates 27 direct international lines from 9 countries. The 50-minute domestic flights from Seoul(Gimpo Airport) to Busan is available every 30 minutes. (www.koreanair.com, www.airbusan.com)

* Direct International Flights to Busan from: Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya,                   Sapporo(Japan), Shenyang, Qingdao, Pudong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Huangzhou, Dalian,   Weihai, Yentai, Yanji(China), Hong Kong, Macau, Bangkok, Manila, Cebu(Philippines),     Ho Chi Minh(Vietnam), Taipei(Taiwan), Vladivostok, Siem Reap(Cambodia), Saipan,       Phuket(Thailand)   

By train (Busan Station)

From Incheon Int'l Airport, you can easily go to Seoul Station by taking Airport Railroad Express or KAL limousine bus. There are frequent departures from Seoul to Busan, from 5:30 AM to 11PM. It is approximately 2-hr-40-minute travel by high-speed train called KTX(www.korail.com). Alternatively, a direct KTX line has newly opened from IIA to Busan, 6 times a day(06:55, 09:07, 12:07, 16:35, 18:35, 20:35), taking about 3 hrs 40 minutes to Busan Station.



1) From Gimhae Airport

The easiest way from Gimhae Int'l Airport to BEXCO or Centum Hotel is to take airport limousine bus(Haeundae line 1&2: KRW 7,000), which will take you to BEXCO in approximately 50 minutes. You can also take light railway transit, transferring to Line 2 subway at Sasang, then to BEXCO.  

2)  From Busan Station

You can choose from subway(Line 1 and Line2) and several lines of bus (5-1, 40, 139, 1001) that link Busan Station and BEXCO.

*Click on the subway map for a larger view. 

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