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ASEM17 Themes/Conferences

(The 2017 International Conference on Innovative Structural Engineering and Mechanics)

Co-chairs: Chang-Koon Choi, Phill-Seung Lee (Korea)

- Bio-Mechanics - Bridge Engineering
- CAD/CAE - Composite Materials & Structures
- Computational Geomechanics - Computational Mechanics
- Computational Technology - Construction Management
- Design Code & Design of Structures - Earth Structures
- Fatigue/Fracture Mechanics - Fiber Reinforcement
- Foundations - Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks
- GIS/Information Technology - Long Span Structures & Cables
- Masonry Walls & Structures - Multiscale Multiphysics Mechanics
- Optimum Design of Structures - Pre- & Post- Processing
- Safety and Reliability - Shell/Plate/Membrane Structures
- Site Characterization - Site Effects and Soil-Structure Interaction
- Software Development - Stochastic Analysis
- Structural Dynamics - Structural Engineering
- Structural Mechanics - Tall Building Structures
- Tall Structures & Cooling Towers - Theoretical Geomechanics
- Tunneling & Underground Spaces - Vibrations and Controls
- Wind Effects on Large Scale Structures - Other Structural Engineering Related Topic

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(The 2017 International Conference on Steel and Composite Structures)

Co-chairs: Brian Uy (Australia), Dennis Lam (UK)

- Analytical and Computational Methods - Bucking, Stability and Non-linear Behavior
- Beams, Columns, Plates and Shells - Building, Bridges and Space Structures
- Composite Construction and Maintenance - Composite Members and Structures
- Connections - Constructional Steel and Composite Structures
- Constructional Steel & Fabrication - Design Codes and Optimum Design
- Dynamics and Seismic Design - Infrastructure Projects and Case Studies
- Nonferrous Metal Structures - Plasticity, Fatigue and Fracture
- Steel-Concrete Composite - Sustainability Concepts in Steel and Composite Structures
- Vibrations and Controls - Other steel Related Topic

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(The 2017 International conference on Computational Technologies in Concrete Structures)

Co-chairs: Hyo-Gyoung Kwak (Korea), Andrezej Winnicki (Poland)

- Automated Design Procedures - Composites
- Computational Materials Science of Cement Composites - Computational Technologies in Concrete
- Concrete Bridges & Buildings - Concrete & RC Structures
- Concrete Mix Design - Constitutive Laws
- Creep and Shrinkage - Durability of Concrete Structures
- Dynamic Effects - Fatigue and Damage
- Fiber Reinforce of Concrete - Fracture of Concrete
- High-Performance Concrete - High-Performance Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites
- Hybrid Structures - Impact Loads on Concrete Structures
- Modeling of Concrete Structures - Multi-Scale Modeling of Cement Composites
- Multi-Scale Modeling of Cement Composites - Performance under Extreme Conditions
- Prestressed and Precast Concrete - Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures
- Seismic Design of Concrete Structures - Textile Reinforced Concrete
- Other Concrete Related Themes

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(The 2017 International Conference on Advances in Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Mechanics)

Co-chairs: Maenghyo Cho (Korea), C.S. David Chen (Taiwan)

- Computational Materials Science and Engineering - Dislocation Dynamics/Simulation
- Floating and Ocean Structures - MEMS and NEMS
- Molecular Dynamics/Quantum Simulation - Multi-Physics and Multi-Disciplinary Problems
- Multiscale Biomechanics - Multiscale Mechanics
- Soil-Structure Interactions - Vehicle-Bridge Interactions
- Wind-Induced Vibrations and Control - Wind-Structure Interactions

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(The 2017 International Conference on Smart Structures and Systems)

Co-Chiars: Chung-Bang Yun (Korea), B.F. Spencer, Jr (USA)

- Actuators & Actuator Materials - Bio-inspired and Robotic Systems
- Diagnosis/Prognosis - Electroactive Polymers
- Embedded and Self-diagnostic Sensors - Energy Harvesting
- Informatics & Networking - Life Cycle Eng. (planning/design/maintenance/renewal)
- MR Fluids and Elastomers - Optical Fiber Sensors
- Piezoelectric Materials - Sensors & Sensor Materials
- Sensor Networks - Shape Memory Alloys
- Smart Materials - Smart Structural Systems
- Structural Control - Structural Health Monitoring/Nondestructive Evaluation
- Wireless Sensors - Mechatronics

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(The 2017 International Conference on Earthquakes and Structures)

Co-chairs: Han-Seon Lee (Korea), Keh-Chyuan Tsai (Taiwan), Dimitris G. Tsonos (Greece)

- Base-Isolated Structures - Capacity Assessment of Structures
- Characterization of Strong Ground Motions - Cyber-Infrastructure Tools for Seismic Data Management
- EarlyCode develop Warning and Emergency Response - Experimental Investigations of Seismic Performance of Structures
- Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering - Lessons Learned from Recent Earthquakes
- Linear & Nonlinear Seismic Analysis Methods - Performance-Based Seismic Design
- Policies and Technologies for Earthquake Loss Reduction - Repair and Strengthening of Historic Structures and Monuments
- Seismic Effects on Infrastructure Systems - Seismic Hazard Assessment
- Seismic Protection of lifeline Systems - Seismic Risk Mitigation
- Structural Control Methods - Recent Developments in Seismic Codes and Regulations

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(The 2017 International Conference on Tunnels and Underground Spaces)

Co-Chairs: Jong-ho Shin (Korea) and Chungsik Yoo (Korea)

- Innovation in Mechanized Tunneling - Improvements in Conventional Tunneling
- Tunneling and Underground Works in Extreme Conditions - Developments in Underground Space Technologies
- Structural and Hydraulic Interaction in Underground Sturcutures - Resilience and Sustainability in Underground Space

Related Techno-Press Journal: Geomechanics and Engineering, An International Journal

* ICTUS17 conferernce is endorsed by ITA(International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association).

(The 2017 International Conference on Wakes and Flow-Induced Vibrations)

Chairman: Alam Md Mahbub (China)

- Bluff-body aerodynamics - Flow-induced vibrations
- Vortex-induced - Galloping/Flutter
- Wind load on structures - Fluid-structure interactions
- Flow control and drag reduction - Airfoil aerodynamics and insect flight
- Flow-induced heat transfer (tubes, fins, walls) - Wind/Ocean energy harvesting
- Rain-wind induced vibrations - Vortex dynamics
- Boundary layer flows - Experimental/Computational techniques
- Droplet and bubbles

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