- Advances in Aeronautics, Nano, Bio, Robotics, and Energy

The series of ANBRE Congress (The World Congress on Advances in Aeronautics, Nano, Bio, Robotics and Energy) is an international and interdisciplinary forum for integration of high quality contributions from scientists and engineers into a single platform for discussions and exchange of up-to-date technical information.

The Congress covers the frontier developments in the areas of Nano, Bio, Robotics, and Energy Research that serves broad scientific audience by providing critical information for their urgent needs. It will be a good opportunity for participants to present their current works with potential impact on the development of the cutting edge technologies in which they are involved.

Local Organizing Committee

Chair: Chang-Koon Choi (KAIST)
Co-chair: Phill-Seung Lee (KAIST)
Seung O Park (KAIST)
Jeong-Yong Lee (KAIST)
Yong-San Yoon (KAIST)
Ju-Jang Lee (KAIST)
Dong-Keun Han (KIST)

International Organizing Committee

Erasmo Carrera (Politecnico di Torino)
Yousef Haik (Univ. of North Carolina)
Miguel Cerrolaza (Polytechnic Univ. of Catalonia)
Taiji Adachi (Kyoto Univ.)
Youngjae Chun (Univ. of Pittsburgh)
Assad Oberai (Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.)
Kazuhiko Ishihara (Univ. of Tokyo)
Fabio Casciati (Univ. of Pavia)
Joao F. Mano (Univ. of Minho)
Manuel Doblare (Palmas Altas)
Philippe Miele (ENSCM)
Ernst Rank (Technische Universitat Munchen)
Francisco M. Linares (Univ. of Turabo)
Anthony Petrella (Colorado School of Mines)
Nasr Bensalah (Qatar Univ.)

2025 IASEM Conferences

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