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STRUCTURES16 Themes/Conferences

(The 2016 Int'l Conference on Advances in Concrete Construction)

Co-chairs: Jin-Keun Kim (Korea), Erik Schlangen (The Netherlands)

- Innovative on Site and Precast Methods for New Structures - Numerical Modeling and Risk Analysis
- Maintenance, Repair and Strengthening of Existing Structures - Durability and Structural Health Monitoring
- Enhanced Robustness and Seismic Performance - Eco-efficient and Ultra-high Performance Cementitious Materials
- Mechanics for Concrete Structures - Thermal Effects on Concrete Structures
- Auto-mated Design and Construction - Survivability under Extreme Condition

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(The 2016 Int'l Conference on Advances in Structural Monitoring and Maintenance)

Co-chairs: Hong-Nan Li (China), Jeong-Tae Kim (Korea), Ting-Hua Yi (China)

- Damage Detection Theory - Structural Renewal and Rehabilitation
- Structural Identification and Diagnosis - Smart/Bio-inspired Sensing Technology
- Structural Health Monitoring Technology - Seismic Protection Technology
- Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation - Distributed Sensor Network
- SHM Application for Infrastructures - Decision Analysis for Structural Assessment
- Retrofit Design Technology - Optimal Sensor Position for SHM
- Environmental Loads and Effects - Risk and Safety Management
- Structural Maintenance Technology - Spot/Periodic/Online Monitoring
- Wireless/Remote Sensing Technology - Other Related Topics

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(The 2016 International Conference on Ocean Systems Engineering)

Co-chairs: Hyun Chung (Korea), Phill-Seung Lee (Korea)

- AUV (Autonomous underwater vehicles) - Ocean Structures and Structural System
- Design and Production - Offshore Wind Turbine
- Dynamics of Ocean Structure System - Port Engineering
- Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics - Reliability and Risk Analysis
- Fluid-Structure Interaction - ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles)
- Manned/Unmanned Submersible Robots - Sensors and Ocean Observing Systems
- Multi-Physics Based Engineering Analysis, Design and Testing - Ship Motion and Mooring System
- Ocean Process and Plant - Underwater Acousitcs Technologies
- Ocean Renewable Energy - Underwater Explosion, Survivability and Vulnerability

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(The 2016 International Conference on Advances in Computational Design)

Co-chairs: Rakesh K. Kapania (USA), Thomas Kang (Korea)

- Computer-Aided Design in Engineering - Opitmizations with Computational Analysis
- Computer Graphics and Modeling - Manufacturing Engineering with Computers
- Computational Design Issues in Structural, Architectural, - Human, Bio and Medical Applications
Electronic, Mechanical Systems, etc. - Industrial Design and Arts with CAD
- Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Management - Analytical and Numerical Modeling of Structures,
- Structural Design Using BIM Systems and Elements

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(The 2016 International Conference on Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science)

Co-chairs: Erasmo Carrera (Italy), Chongam Kim (Korea)

- Aerospace Structures - Materials
- Applied Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics - Propulsion
- Flight Mechanics in air and in space - Aeronautical and Space Systems
- Space Exploration and Application - Aero-thermodynamics and Hypersonics
- Computational Fluid Dynamics - Multi-Disciplinary Analysis and Design Optimization

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(The 2016 International Conference on Advances in Automotive Engineering)

Chairman: Yongsan Yoon (Korea)

- Vehicles and components - Hybrid, electric
- Design and analysis - Human-vehicle system
- Manufacturing and recycle - Navigation and Auto pilot
- Vehicle dynamics - Assistive technology
- Modeling, simulation, visualization - Maintenance
- Safety, reliability - Vehicles and components test
- Environmental impact - Other relevant topics
- Energy storing and retrieval

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